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Rock Resinator Heavy Yields amplifies essential oil production and bulks out your grow. Enjoy improved size, smell, colour and taste.

Packed with the highest-quality soluble phosphorus and potassium, this powerful biostimulant accelerates plants' metabolism during the flowering stage.

Learn how to use Rock Resinator - read our handy guide!

ROCK RESINATOR 1 LITRE is available for purchase in increments of 1


What does Rock Resinator Heavy Yields do?

Devised from naturally-brewed and decomposed plant material, Rock Resinator Heavy Yields enhances flowering by providing the phosphorus and potassium for translocation to flowering sites.

Tried trusted by professional and hobbyist growers around the globe, Resinator ramps up essential oil production to pack on extra size and weight before harvest. Develop every grow to its full potential.

How to use Rock Resinator Heavy Yields

Rock Resinator Heavy Yields is an easy-to-use concentrated formula. NPK: 0-7-8.

Shake thoroughly and apply at the recommended rate of 1ml to 2ml per litre of nutrient solution. Should you require a stronger solution, add up to 10ml per gallon.

Add to your regular feeding regime and use from the start of the second flowering week until harvest.

The Benefits of Rock Resinator Heavy Yields

  • Amplify essential oil production
  • Enjoy a bigger and tastier harvest
  • Superb source of phosphorus and potassium
  • Add extra weight in the flowering stage
  • Speed up plant metabolism
  • Suitable for soil, coco or hydro

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