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How to use Rock Resinator

Rock Resinator is an all-in-one PK and metabolic booster that delivers superb results.

Learn how to use Rock Resinator successfully and your grow will enjoy:

  • Bigger and better flowers
  • Sweet-smelling aromas
  • More essential oils
  • Extra size and weight


What Rock Resinator dosage do I need?

Getting the right Rock Resinator dosage depends on the overall effect you want to achieve.

To ramp up growth and essential oil production, most growers will be happy using at a rate of 1ml for every litre of nutrient solution.

For an even stronger effect, use 2ml for every litre of nutrients.

What’s the best Rock Resinator feeding schedule?

To experience the best-possible results, knowing when to use Rock Resinator is just as important.

The manufacturer recommends starting your Rock Resinator feeding schedule at the start of second week of flowering and continue right through until harvest.

Bloom – week 2: 4ml per 4L

Bloom – week 3: 4ml per 4L

Bloom – week 4: 6ml per 4L

Bloom – week 5: 8ml per 4L

Bloom – week 6: 10ml per 4L

Bloom – week 7: 12ml per 4L

Flush – week 8: 14ml per 4L

Flush – week 9: 14ml per 4L

For dramatically increased results, double the dosage amounts outlined above.

Always shake well before opening. Add to your regular feeding regime as required.

What media can Rock Resinator be used with?

Trusted by thousands of home growers around the globe, Rock Resinator is suitable for all grow media and any type of system – coco, soil & hydro. And because it's a mineral feed, you won't suffer from any blockages.

Can you use Rock Resinator with other nutrients?

Rock Resinator is ideal for use with other base nutrients. Its unique all-in-one formula means it provides improved smells and flavours in a similar way to a bloom or quality enhancer.

Is flushing with Rock Resonator possible?

Packed with Phosphorus & Potassium, Rock Resinator is suitable during the flush stage – and will let you experience seriously heavy yields. Basically, it’s a strong blooming booster that increases bud growth and ramps up the production of essential oils.

What sort of Rock Resinator smell can I expect?

If you grow pot plants, expect them to start producing buds and crystals with a really pungent smell. Most users think the buds smell great, but it sometimes takes a few weeks to notice.

Do you use PK with Rock Resinator?

Rock Resinator is a highly-absorbed PK booster with a 0-7-8 NPK blend of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.

Is Rock Resinator a PGR?

Rock Resinator does NOT contain any chemical Plant Growth Regulators (PGRs) so your grow can flourish and be 100% natural.

What sizes are available?

THC is proud to stock and sell Rock Resinator Heavy Yields 1L – but this powerful nutrient is also available in a 5L bottle.

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