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LED grow lights are increasingly popular with indoor growers because they speed up the vegetative stage, dramatically increase crop yield and improve its final quality.

Providing a broad spectrum of light which is suitable for both the vegetative and flowering stage, hydroponic LED lighting systems produce a lot less heat and are extremely low maintenance. Partner with our reflectors and transform your grow tent into the perfect indoor gardening environment!

With a lifespan of at least 50,000 hours, each one of our LED grow light bulbs can last for up to 10 years – and do not need replacing after every grow-cycle. Although they’re more expensive than CFL grow lights, they’re cheaper to run in the long term and a great alternative to traditional 1000 watt HID grow lights.

Shop for LED grow lights for indoor plants from leading brands like Streetlight, Secret Jardin, Sanlight and Dutch Lighting Innovations. Our most popular ranges are the Gavita Pro 1700e dimmable LED grow light and the impressive Lumatek Attis full spectrum solution.

Learn the best benefits of LED grow lights or find out why LED grow lights really do work - read our guides now!

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