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7 superb LED grow light benefits

LED grow lights can turn your crop grow from slow to whoa!!!

Bigger yields, incredible flowers and sweet succulent tastes.

No wonder they’re a big hit with the THC growing community.

Let’s take a look why…

The biggest benefits of LED grow lights


Compared to HID lights, LEDs require far less power to run. Not only does that mean your energy bills will be lower, it means your grow will taste all that much sweeter!

Won’t overheat

Never worry about overheating ever again. With LED grow lights you can kiss goodbye to fire hazards and minimise the risk of your crop suffering from heat damage. Win, win.

Last for ages

Designed to be efficient and run at a cooler temperature, you’ll also get miles more grow hours out of LEDs. Typically, around 50,000 hours!

Faster harvests

Plants grow fast when they can absorb light. The more, the merrier. With LED grow lights, the sun never sets – so you can experience the optimum grow.

Healthier plants

LED grow lights aren’t as harsh as other UV options, which can burn plants and cause them to dry up. Because your grow won’t feel overworked, you’ll enjoy better tastes and aromas.

Small is beautiful

Perfect for tight spots or small grow rooms, LEDs are great for growers who are short on space. Create a compact grow room without running the risk of light burn.

Easy to install

Forget the other LED grow light benefits, this has to be the best! Designed as an out-of-the-box and all-in-one lighting solution, all you need to do is hang, plug in and away you go.

Buy LED grow lights from THC

THC is proud to stock and supply a wide range of LED grow lights – from Lumatek and Gavita Pro to replacement bulbs from Streetlight.

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