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Prevent grow lamps from overheating with our superb range of magnetic and digital ballasts - designed to limit your lighting power supply for safe operation.

An essential addition for novice and experienced growers, grow light ballasts are a reliable way to keep grow tents at a suitable temperature – even when using high-powered 1000 watt HID lamps.

AT THC, we are proud to stock and supply a wide collection of grow light ballast plugs, power cords and ballasts – including magnetic ballasts featuring thermal cut-off technology in case overheating occurs. We also sell small, compact and completely silent digital ballasts that deliver more lumens and use less electricity than magnetic ballasts.

If you’d prefer not to use a ballast, we recommend CFL grow lights - another great way to improve crop yields and quality.

Before ordering grow light ballasts online, you MUST match the wattage of the ballast to your lamp’s wattage – or it won’t do the job it’s supposed to. For in-depth advice, email our experts or call 01926 511151 today!