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Hydroponic grow light reflectors make the most of light that would otherwise be wasted by reflecting it directly back in the direction of your crops.

An essential part of an optimised grow tents’ arsenal, hydroponic reflectors help to lower energy bills by capturing and reusing as much as 50% of the light emitted from grow lamps.

At THC, we’re proud to stock and supply hydroponic reflectors to suit every budget – from the affordable ‘barn-type’ Maxibright Euro reflector to the premium Adjust-A-Wings Double-Parabolic Reflector style that prevents crops suffering from heat stress.

To maximise growth and ensure light is spread evenly and uniformly, consider buying grow light shades suitable for the size and shape of your indoor growing environment. The Lumatek Shinobi hydroponic reflector is ideal for growing large plants in a small grow tent, whilst air-cooled reflectors like the versatile Powerplant Mantis Pro Reflector is suited to larger operations.

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