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Experience explosive growth and large yields with DWC Oxypot hydroponics – the easy way to start indoor growing!

Affordable and easy to master, Oxypot uses the Deep Water Culture (DWC) system to produce multiple plants from the same reservoir without needing a lot of grow media.

Basically, plant roots grow through mesh pots into a misting chamber full of nutrients and water. Use an air pump to oxygenate the solution and you’ll enjoy exceptional results.

At THC, we stock and supply all the Oxypot DWC system parts you’ll need to master the technique – from baskets and caps to lids or tanks. Or opt for a self-contained Oxypot system that’s ready to go!

Capable of holding 19L, 70L or 100L in its misting chamber, choose one best suited to your lifestyle – and keep maintenance down to a minimum.

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