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Keep the cold at bay and maintain a perfect temperature all year round with our wide selection of grow room heaters.

To achieve a consistent and high-quality yield, grow room heating should be used to keep crops between 18C-25C (65F-77F) – no matter what the weather is like outside.

At THC, we stock and supply a wide range of heaters for grow rooms and grow tents – from simple Smartgro slimline hydroponic tube heaters to the powerful 2kW LightHouse grow room heater with three settings for all seasons.

Designed to combat the cold, these simple but effective designs do not consume a lot of power and are an essential addition for novice or experienced growers.

Ensure plants are happy all year round, partner with hydroponic nutrients and grow lights or humidifiers to enjoy perfect temperature and humidity levels.

For in-depth advice from our grow room heater UK experts, call 01926 511151 or email us today!