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Dynomyco Mycorrhizal is a beneficial fungus that attaches to a plant’s roots to help it absorb more nutrients – so your grow produces a better and bigger crop.

Using the highly-concentrated Dynomyco Premium Mycorrhizal formula supports and protects plants from environmental stress, allowing them to reach their full potential.

DYNOMYCO 100G is available for purchase in increments of 1


How does Dynomyco Mycorrhizal work?

Designed by the team of agronomists, plant and soil experts at Dynomyco, the formula helps plants thrive no matter what growing conditions they face. It contains high-performing mycorrhizal fungi strains of Glomus intraradices and Glomus mosseae that create and sustain a natural and prosperous symbiotic relationship with your plants.

As a result, your grow will be able to absorb more micro and macro nutrients, improving nutrient uptake so that plants grow healthier, stronger, higher and bigger.

How to use Dynomyco Mycorrhizal

The recommended Dynomyco Mycorrhizal dosage is 1tsp for every pint (10.5g/L) of your chosen grow media.

Mix the Dynomyco Mycorrhizal in well with the growing media before planting your seeds or seedlings.

When transplanting plants into a larger container, use 1tsp of Dynomyco mixed with each litre of growing media or spread in the sides and bottom of the planting hole.

The Dynomyco Premium Mycorrhizal Benefits

  • THC is a proud Dynomyco UK supplier
  • Helps plants absorb more nutrients
  • Supports root and plant health
  • Speeds up plant growth
  • Enjoy far bigger yields
  • Suitable for growing in soil, coco, rockwool
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Save money – also available in 750g size
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