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CANNA CANNAZYM 5l - Featuring over 12 different enzymes, Cannazym works by breaking down dead root matter and turning it back into sugar that the plant can use.

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Cannazym is a high quality enzyme product that speeds up the process of breaking down dead root material and activates beneficial micro-organisms.  Cannazym also improves nutrient uptake and disease resistance.  

Cannazym helps to turn dead root into minerals and sugars, which are a valuable source of nutrition for the plant.  Cannazym contains 12 different enzymes, vitamins and minerals sourced from desert plants are added.  The elements in this solution increase nutrient uptake, improves the plants defence system and vitamins stimulate hormone production.

Cannazym prevents harmful moulds and bacteria, by breaking down dead roots which provide the perfect environment for moulds to form.  Moulds can cause unecessary stress to plants and can have a detrimental effect on new growth.

Cannazym prevents rotting and assists good aeration of the root environment, and is a must if you plan to re use your media.

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