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Aptus Regulator is a rich source of silicic acid, providing plants with all the silicon they need to strengthen cell walls. Expect to experience thicker stems and strong branches that are able to support heavy yields.

Use throughout the grow and bloom phase to help plants to benefit from far greater nutrient uptake – and improve the efficiency of your entire feeding regime.

Discover how to use Aptus Regulator - read our helpful guide!

APTUS REGULATOR 100 ml is available for purchase in increments of 1


What does Aptus Regulator do?

Aptus Regulator is one of the highest concentrations of silicic acid available on the market. Absorbing extra silicon increases chlorophyl levels, boosting the photosynthesis process and making plants far more resistant to stress (heat, water & salt), pests and disease.

With this super-concentrated formula (1:6666) in your feeding arsenal, the final yield and crop quality should increase beyond belief.

Aptus Regulator provides good protection against heat stress, and crops subjected to high temperatures remain green, transpiration is reduced by up to 30%.

How to use Aptus Regulator

Aptus Regulator should be applied frequently at a very low concentration during the grow and bloom phases.

Suitable for any grow system and media, the manufacturer’s recommended dilution rate is 0.15ml per litre – making it very cost effective.

Use a clean, dry syringe to extract the right amount of Aptus Regulator and add to plain water. Mix thoroughly, add other base nutrients or additives and stir well before applying.

The Benefits of Aptus Regulator

  • Enjoy stronger and healthier plants
  • Bigger and better-quality yields
  • Significantly thicker stems and branches
  • Increase chlorophyl levels & boost photosynthesis
  • Improves uptake and absorption of nutrients
  • Improve resistance to stress, pests & disease
  • Minimise loss of moisture from leaves
  • Suitable for any grow system and media

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