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How to use Aptus Regulator

Aptus Regulator should be an essential part of your nutrients program.

Designed to keep plants healthy from beginning to end, it is proven to:

  • Improve resistance to disease & pests
  • Increase absorption of nutrients
  • Boost overall plant strength
  • Minimise plant stretch & uneven growth
  • Help promote healthy growth

Aptus Regulator dosage and usage directions

According to the manufacturer, the recommended Aptus Regulator dosage is 1.5ml for every 10 litres (1:6666 or 0.15ml per litre).

If your grow is suffering from plant stretch, use 3ml per 10ltr for a two or three-week period, before returning to a normal dosage.

For best results, mix Aptus Regulator in a tank of clean water first and ensure it is evenly distributed.

Add any other products – boosters, fertilizers or crop protection products. Test your solution to make sure its pH hasn’t dropped and adjust accordingly.

To preserve its quality, always extract Regulator with a clean and dry syringe or measuring cup.

When to use Aptus Regulator

Due to its highly-concentrated formula, Aptus Regulator should be applied frequently at a very low concentration throughout the grow and bloom cycle.

If plants are growing too high, a higher dosage of Regulator will help to slow down their length development.

A small dose is enough for visibly large results.

What are the Aptus Regulator ingredients?

The main Aptus Regulator ingredient is Silica, known as silicic acid, but it also contains a mixture of bio-available trace elements. Silica is the main reason why the plant’s cell walls harden to create thicker stems and stronger leaves.

How Aptus Regulator Works

Aptus Regulator provides plants with silicon which is absorbed – as Silicic acid – to regulate and improve the uptake of important nutrients – including nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K).

Absorbing silicon strengthens a plant’s cell walls, allowing branches to grow wider and stronger to support more weight. Interestingly, this increase in silicon improves chlorophyl levels so that plants photosynthesize more effectively – producing bigger leaves and fruits.

Plants also become more resistant to external stress factors – such pests, disease, salt, drought and heat.

Can Aptus Regulator be combined with other fertilisers?

Regulator is suitable for use with all substrates and basic nutrients – even ones that are not from the Aptus range.

Basically, it helps to provide the right amount of nutrition at the right time.

Its patented formula provides a gateway for nutrients to be absorbed quicker and more effectively, enhancing a plant’s natural mechanisms.

What media can Aptus Regulator be used with?

Aptus Regulator can be used to enhance any plant, no matter what grow media or system you prefer – coco, soil or hydroponics.

Aptus Regulator is available in 100ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1L and 5L bottles. Click now to see other products from the Aptus nutrients range – including Startbooster for rapid root development.