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Terpenez Essential Oil Intensifier is an organic terpene enhancer designed to boost essential oil production – so you enjoy an enhanced aromatic experience.

Made in California from organic botanical extracts, Terpenez stimulates terpenoid profiles to help plants thrive during the vegetative and flowering stage.

Terpenez Essential Oil Intensifier can be diluted and used rate throughout flowering or applied during the 11-14 day flushing cycle to remove all residual nutrient salts.

Powerful aromas and superb flavours all-but guaranteed!

TERPENEZ 5 LITRE is available for purchase in increments of 1


How does Terpenez work?

Terpenes are major components of the essential oils needed to produce strong flavours and aromas for certain types of home grow.

Terpenez essential oil intensifier helps to create sweet smells and intense flavours by stimulating terpene production (to increase resin production) without causing undue stress to your grow.

Rather than use heavy metals or salts to attack a plant and stimulate a response, Terpenez uses steam-distilled plant extracts that the plant believes are its own to naturally – and greatly – increase resin production.

Directions for Terpenez usage

Shake Terpenez Essential Oil Intensifier thoroughly before mixing and applying to your grow. Do not mix them together in concentrated form. Add each part to the tank separately and mix thoroughly before adding the next component.

To boost its overall effectiveness, feed your grow with beneficial bacteria inoculant (Biosys or similar) 2 days prior to your first Terpenez application and repeat 10 days later.

Continuous use (vegetative and flowering): Add 1ml or 2ml to every litre throughout the fruiting and flowering cycle. Aim for an ideal 5.8 to 6.4 pH range.

Flush use: Apply 2ml to 3ml per litre and aim for 5.6 to 6.2 as an ideal pH range.

The Benefits of Terpenez Essential Oil Intensifier

  • THC is a proud Terpenez Essential Oil Intensifier UK supplier
  • Enjoy dramatically-improved aromas
  • Made from fine, organic botanical extracts
  • Use alongside other fertilizers and nutrients
  • Doesn’t contain harmful heavy metals or chemicals
  • Use right up to the day of harvest
  • Won't raise pH or EC levels
  • Boosts terpenoid production
  • Save money – bulk buy a 5L Terpenez

Shake throroughly before mixing and application.

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