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We stock the finest grow tents, high performance reflective sheeting and plastic sheeting. Growing in the right enclosure contains your grow while also giving you the facility to hang your lights, extraction system and more.

The first decision every grower must face is whether you want to grow in a tent, or make your own grow room.

While grow tents are easy to set up and can be put anywhere, the grow is confined to the tent footprint. Grow rooms on the other hand, are more permanent and utilise space better but can sometimes be tricky to heat and maintain. No matter your preference, there are a variety of options available and we stock a full range of products for creating your own grow room as well as large selection of the finest grow tents.

Speak to a member of our team if you need help in planning your space.

Sometimes converting a room in your house is not practical; cutting holes in walls for vents, mounting equipment on ceilings, or sticking reflective materials to walls in your house can be unviable. If this is the case, a grow tent can solve this problem; we sell all kinds of grow tents in all shapes and sizes from many different manufacturers. We only stock quality gear from known companies who make superior products. Tents come flat packed for easy transportation. They are lined with highly reflective materials that insulate and provide a perfect environment for your plants and they have pre-fitted adjustable holes for ventilation and heavy duty strong frameworks, to hang all of your equipment from so if you don’t want to build or convert an existing room into a grow room, just do the easy thing and buy a grow tent.