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House & Garden Roots Excelurator Gold provides powerful root growth and protection – so your plants can thrive.

Suitable for use in soil and coco, Roots Excelurator Gold destroys damaged and mouldy roots so healthy new ones can take their place with explosive root growth.

Not only will it protect against the harmful effects of fungus and bacteria, it can also cure existing root rot by isolating pathogens and preventing reproduction.

ROOTS EXCELURATOR 500ML is available for purchase in increments of 1


How does Roots Excelurator Gold work?

Made from sea kelp, molasses, seed extracts, vitamin B and other beneficial bacteria; Roots Excelurator Gold eradicates mould and protects against Pythium (root rot).

Often referred to as Roots Excelurator Gold or Roots Excel Gold, it gets rid of dead and dying roots by isolating germs and preventing them from reproducing. It also forms a protective barrier around roots.

However, because it still allows nutrients to pass through, new root growth occurs quickly and encourages the development of healthier plants with heavier yields.

How to use Roots Excelurator Gold

In the vegetative stage and for rooted cuttings, shake well and add Roots Excelurator Gold at a rate 3ml for every 10 litres (0.3ml per litre).

Excel Gold is thick and viscous and primarily designed for use in soil or coco, but hydroponic growers can add it at half strength (to prevent clogging).

Adjust pH levels and use Roots Excelurator for the first five weeks, or until flowers form in the bloom stage.

For use during flowering, apply through weeks 1 to 4 on an eight-week schedule.

The Benefits of Roots Excelurator

  • THC is a proud Roots Excelurator Gold UK supplier
  • Produces explosive root growth
  • Adds protective film around roots
  • Isolates germs and prevents disease
  • Gets rid of root rot (Pythium)
  • Suitable for use in soil and coco
  • Also available in 250ml, 500ml and 1L sizes
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