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Accelerate growth, improves disease resistance and enjoy bigger yields with House & Garden Multizyme – a superb root stimulator.

Multizyme nutrients work in partnership with your base feed to quickly deliver beneficial acids and proteins where plants need it most, the root zone.

Uniquely formulated to boost your plant’s natural immune system, House & Garden Multi Zyme will improve the breakdown and delivery of nutrients so they are more available to the roots.

MULTIZYME 5 LITRE is available for purchase in increments of 1


How does House & Garden Multi Zyme work?

A highly- concentrated growth enhancer, MutiZyme is formulated to thicken stems and increase leaf and flower size.

Basically, MultiZyme helps to turn base nutrients into a form plants can easily absorb and use. This improves sugar exchanges within the plant to promote a faster and bigger grow. By helping the roots get rid of unwanted waste, they can concentrate on feeding the plant and stimulating growth.

Made from pharmaceutical and food grade ingredients, it is designed to deliver a consistent and high-quality yield.

How to use House & Garden Multi Zyme

House & Garden Multizyme nutrients are suitable for any grow system and substrate. Always add after making up your nutrient solution in the usual way.

For hydroponic systems, we recommend adding 1ml of Multizyme for every litre of solution

For hand watering, use at least once every second or third feed at a rate of 1m per litre. If required, it can be used every time you water.

To achieve optimum results, we recommend using alongside other products from the House & Garden nutrients range.

The Benefits of House & Garden Multizyme

  • THC is a proud Multizyme UK supplier
  • Superb growth stimulator
  • Strengthen resistance to disease
  • Helps absorb base nutrients
  • Reduces unwanted waste in plants
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