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Mills Vitalize strengthens plants and improves their immunity – to accelerate growth and flower development. Enjoy thicker stems, leaves, branches – and massive yields!

Arguably the most exceptional additive in the Mills Nutrients range, the solution provides plants with silicon to eliminate any stress factors for a healthier, heartier grow. Use as a root soak or foliar spray to improve nutrient uptake, give a Silicon boost and promote plant vitality.

MILLS VITALIZE 1 LITRE is available for purchase in increments of 1


What does Mills Vitalize do?

Developed in conjunction with Rexil Agro BV, the leader in Silicic Acid Agro Technology, Mills Vitalize combines a number of biological benefits.

Not only will it strengthen plants, it improves their immunity to disease by stimulating the growth of beneficial microorganisms to improve overall plant health.

Using Mills Vitalize will fortify plant cell walls to thicken stems, leaves and branches – so plants can cope with heavy leaves.

How to use Mills Vitalize

Mills Vitalize should be used as an additive from week 2 to 4 in the flowering stage.

The recommended dosage is 0.2ml per litre during the vegetation stage and first 4 weeks of blooming. Use at 0.1ml per litre for the last 4 weeks of the bloom stage.

Mills Vitalize can also be employed as a foliar feed, as well as alongside other fertilizers.

Always add to your nutrient solution first, mixing thoroughly, before adding other products.

The Benefits of Mills Vitalize

  • Creates sturdy plants to support bigger & heavier yields
  • Increase resistance to stress pests
  • Improves photosynthesis, translocation & nutrient uptake
  • Use throughout entire grow & flower cycle
  • Promotes plant growth and vitality
  • Can mix with other fertilizers
  • Reduces mineral toxicity

Serving the Midlands, South East & UK

Based in Kenilworth near Coventry, our grow shop regularly fields enquiries from customers in the Midlands and South East of England.

We operate a successful Click & Collect service - and deliver throughout the UK.

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