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How to use Plagron Green Sensation

Plagron Green Sensation is a top-performing additive – and a powerful 4-in-1 booster.

When using Green Sensation, you can rely on it to:

  • Enhance soil
  • Increase resistance
  • Improve flowering
  • Deliver bigger yields


Plagron Green Sensation dosage and usage directions

Shake the bottle vigorously to mix.

Add 10ml of Green Sensation for every 10 litres of water (1:1000 – or 1ml per 1 litre).

Add the basic nutrient of your choice until the solution reaches your desired EC value.

For the best results, repeat this process and use every time your water.

When to use Plagron Green Sensation

The ideal time to use Plagron Green Sensation is from the fourth week of the flowering phase, according to the manufacturer.

It can then be used every time you water your grow throughout the last four to six weeks of flowering.

Can Green Sensation be combined with other fertilisers?

Green Sensation can be used with all substrates and basic nutrients – even ones that are not from the Plagron range.

What media can Plagron Green Sensation be used with?

Plagron Green Sensation can be used no matter what grow media or system you prefer.

Is Green Sensation a PK?

Plagron Green Sensation uses a 4-in-1 formula which combines enzymes, enhancers, metabolic boosters and the power of a PK booster.

You don't need to use a PK fertiliser alongside it (PK 13-14 or flowering stimulators) – and it helps to reduce the amount of basic nutrients you need.

Depending on your grow substrate, Green Sensation makes it possible to save as much as 50% on fertilisers.

Is Green Sensation organic?

Green Sensation is not organic, but also won't disrupt soil life and it is safe to use when growing organically.

It is fairly low in phosphorus and potassium as Plagron do not believe over-fertilisation benefits the quality of the plant.

How does it work?

Green Sensation contains a nutrient which triggers ‘salt stress’ within a plant – making it retain more nutrients and organic components to produce the best-possible yield.

Plagron Green Sensation NPK

NPK fertiliser (0-9-10) | Phosphorus 9%  | Potassium 10%

What sizes are available?

Plagron Green Sensation is available in 250ml, 500ml, 1L and 5L bottles.

A wide range of other Plagron nutrients and additives are also available.