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How to use Fish Shit Organic Soil Conditioner

The interestingly-named Fish Shit Organic Soil Conditioner gives your grow beneficial bacteria to promote the mineralization of nutrients and increase their availability, helping to prevent root rot.

Suitable for use on any plant, Fish Sh!t stops pests, parasites and disease from ruining all your hard work.

Proven Fish Sh!t benefits:

  • Increase uptake of nutrients
  • Works with any grow media
  • Improves yield by up to 30%
  • Better flavours, oils & terpenes

What Fish Shit dosage do I need?

When using Fish Shit Organic Soil Conditioner, be careful during the mixing stage as the instructions on the bottle reference both metric and standard volumes.

In our experience, it’s good practice to PH your water first before adding Fish Sh!t. However, it has no available NPK anyway so it won’t burn your grow regardless of the dosage.

For seed germination, add 1ml to every 4.5 litres (gallon) of water.

To use Fish Sh!t as a cloner, apply 2ml to every 4.5 litres (gallon) of water. Ideally, this should be done 24 hours before planting.

When using as a root dip, add 50ml of Fish Sh!t to every 50ml of water. Once this process has been carried out, the leftover solution can be added to a feed reservoir or diluted and used for watering. This will prevent perfectly good Fish Shit from going to waste.

To lessen the effects of shock during re-potting, use Fish Sh!t when transplanting at a dosage of 6ml to every 4.5 litres (gallon) of water. Water at the plant’s base.

For vigorous and heavy growth during the vegetative stage, use between 3ml to 6ml of Fish Sh!t for every 4.5 litres (gallon) of water.

During the bloom phase, add 1ml of Fish Sh!t to every 4.5 litres (gallon) of water.

To help break down salt and nutrient build up, Fish Sh!t can be used for flushing at a dosage of 3ml to 6ml for every 4.5 litres (gallon) of water.


What does Fish Shit smell like?

If you want to establish a healthy and complete rhizosphere, Fish Shit has everything you need.

And, because of its ingredients, you probably won’t be surprised to learn that packs quite a pong! Like rotten fish.

But, contrary to popular belief, its effectiveness does NOT correlate to its rather pungent smell. It works regardless of the strength of its odour.

When it arrives, the Fish Sh!t bottle usually has a vented hole in its top to allow its beneficial bacteria to breathe and so that its ‘Living Ecosystem’ can thrive.

Ideally, we’d recommend using any Fish Sh!t nutrient-water combo within a week of mixing, as it can become more potent the longer it’s left.