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How to use Biobizz Fish Mix

BioBizz Fish Mix combines organic North Sea fish emulsion and Dutch sugar beet extract to create a powerful organic fertilizer.

Add to any grow and the natural goodness will produce super-sized leaves and massive yields.

Other proven benefits:

  • Encourages beneficial organisms
  • Suitable for all grow media
  • Dramatically improves soil quality
  • Won’t burn plants or tips

Biobizz Fish Mix dosage and usage instructions

Suitable for any indoor or outdoor plants, Fish Mix transforms poor-quality earth into mineral-rich soil after just a few days of use.

Mix 1ml to 4ml with every litre of water and feed in your usual way.

During the vegetative stage of a grow, BioBizz Fish Mix is also mild enough to be used with seedlings.

It can also be used as a foliar spray directly onto leaves during the growth and flowering stage until harvest.

Why does it smell so strong?

Because of its ingredients, BioBizz Fish Mix does give off a strong pungent smell.

We strongly recommend mixing only the required amount, rather than a batch, and using it straight away as the smell often gets stronger the longer it is kept. It is also wise to use in a well-ventilated area.

What sizes are available?

Available in 500ml, 1L, 5L and 10L sizes, this superb organic fertiliser contains an N-P-K of 5-1-4 to dramatically improve soil quality.

Combines well with other products from the BioBizz Nutrients range – including Biobizz TopMax (for bigger and stronger flowering) and Biobizz Rootjuice, a premium humic acid and seaweed root accelerator.