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GuanoKalong Powder is a natural soil enhancer which helps your grow enjoy a bigger yield and sweeter taste.

Made from natural bat dung, Kalong Powder is one of the best organic nutrient powders for accelerating root development.

Packed with phosphorous, it’s great for promoting flowering. It can also improve resistance to pests and disease.

GUANOKALONG Powder 3kg is available for purchase in increments of 1


How does Guanokalong Powder work?

GuanoKalong Bat Guano Powder is a slow-release formula that prevents root burn and promotes fast healthy growth.

Because of its organic enzymes and high concentration of calcium and magnesium, Guanokalong Powder stimulates microbial life into action deep within the substrate. As a result, the microbial life will aid the absorption of minerals and make your grow thrive.

NPK: 2-15-2

How to use GuanoKalong Powder Bat Guano

Suitable for mixing with soil or coco, GuanoKalong Powder can be used throughout the grow cycle.

For great results on a larger grow, mix 1kg with 100L or 200L of soil in the first week.

For smaller projects, use 50g of GuanoKalong Powder for each plant in a 7L pot.

Ideal within compost or as a top dress, GuanoKalong Powder provides a quick controlled release of beneficial nutrients.

If required, supplement with Kalong Bloom for a Potassium boost during the flowering stage. To add extra nitrogen in the vegetative stage, use alongside Kalong Grow or fishmeal.

The Benefits of GuanoKalong Powder

  • THC is a proud GuanoKalong Powder UK supplier
  • Proven to improve taste & aromas
  • Enjoy exuberant flowering stage
  • Increase resistance to pests and bacteria
  • Accelerate root structure growth
  • Great value - 1kg will treat 250l soil
  • Easy to use & 100% organic
  • Also available in 1KG, 3KG, 5KG size
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