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Gold Label Hydrocorn Clay Pebbles 45L

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Gold Label Hydrocorn Clay Pebbles 45L

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Get ready to amplify your grow! Gold Label Hydrocorn Clay Pebbles are a lightweight, porous pellet that is designed to provide optimal aeration and drainage, creating an ideal environment for healthy root development.

Made from high-quality clay and baked in an open furnace using high grade clean fuels, this premium hydroponic grow media is guaranteed not to contain heavy metals or other contaminates. No wonder Gold Label Hydrocorn Clay Pebbles proudly carry the RHP for horticulture quality certificate. The perfect choice for maximising growth and yields.

Gold Label Hydrocorn Clay Pebbles 45L is available for purchase in increments of 1


Experience unparalleled water retention and nutrient distribution.

Meticulously processed to ensure uniformity and consistency, Gold Label Hydrocorn Clay Pebbles promote robust root systems and vigorous plant growth, all-but guaranteeing a bumper harvest.

Its porous surface allows for efficient absorption and release of water and nutrients, ensuring your grow receive essential hydration and nourishment. No ore overwatering or nutrient imbalances. Hydrocorn will help maintain optimal moisture levels and nutrient availability, giving your plants the power to thrive.

The porous structure has a high-water capacity and is suitable for both ebb and flood or drip irrigation systems. A premium substrate that provides the perfect foundation for success.

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