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GHE FloraKleen lets you enjoy a salt and residue-free hydroponic system – allowing plants to absorb more nutrients and thrive as part of the natural growing process.

Suitable for use with any grow media, FloraKleen’s unique salt clearing solution is safe to use while plants are still growing and will help maintain their nutritional balance. General Hydroponics FloraKleen can also be used as a flushing agent before harvesting your grow.

FLORAKLEEN 5 LITRE is available for purchase in increments of 1


How does GHE Florakleen work?

Designed to minimise plant stress caused by excess nutrient build-up, GHE FloraKleen is a cleaning and flushing agent that’s proven to work.

By stopping salts from clogging up your hydroponics system, pumps, drip lines and drainage pipes will work better and last for longer.

Highly recommend for hydroponic growers, especially those using dripper systems, the highly-concentrated formula prevents the build-up of salt deposits in grow media, protecting your equipment and allowing your plants to thrive.

Often referred to as Terra Aquatica FlashClean, it will dissolve fertilizer salts, mineral precipitation, deposits and other residues so your system runs smoothly. It also releases a nutrient bond between plants and the system so your grow can make the most of any remaining fertilizers, especially in the crucial week before harvest.

How to use General Hydroponics Flora Kleen

During the general growth stage, use FloraKleen during the period before you change nutrient solutions.

For young cuttings or weaker plants, the GHE Florakleen dosage is 1ml per litre of water. For more mature plants, or those in the flowering stage, add 3ml per litre of water.

To remove excess salts, allow GHE FloraKleen to flow through your hydroponic system for 24 hours. According to the manufacturer, you should only use FloraKleen once every 15 days when growing in soil or soil-less media.

When using as a flushing agent before harvest, add GHE Flora Kleen to your system and allow to run for 24 hours. Replace with fresh water for 3 days afterwards.

The GHE Flora Kleen Benefits

  • THC is a proud GHE FloraKleen UK supplier
  • Great for removing salt from hydroponic systems
  • Minimise salt-induced plant stress
  • Suitable for use with any grow media
  • Use throughout the entire growth cycle
  • Ideal as flushing agent in the days before harvest
  • Great value – highly-concentrated formula goes a long way
  • Save money - also available in a 1L size

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