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The four BIGGEST benefits of Fabric Pots

Made from recycled plastic bottles and natural fibres, Fabric Pots offer several benefits that make them stand out from traditional pots.

1 - Superior Drainage & Aeration

Carefully crafted from a breathable geotextile fabric, Fabric Pots promote superior drainage and aeration, preventing waterlogged soil and root rot. This means grow will always receive the right amount of moisture and oxygen, leading to healthier root systems and bigger overall growth.

2 – Excellent Evaporation

The fact that the fabric material allows excess water to evaporate so easily prevents the build-up of harmful salts and minerals that can damage roots.

3 – No More Root Circling

The major advantage of Fabric Pots is their ability to prevent root circling. This is because the fabric material allows roots to grow naturally towards the pot's edges, where they can easily come into contact with air. The air pruning process stimulates new lateral root growth, resulting in a denser and more efficient root system. As a result, your grow will enjoy an increased uptake of nutrients and better overall plant health.

4 – Eco-Friendly & Reuseable

Unlike traditional plastic pots that contribute to landfill waste, Fabric Pots are made from recycled plastic bottles and natural fibres which can be used time after time. Without any deterioration in quality. An affordable and worthwhile investment for any avid grower.

Browse & buy the best Fabric Pots for Hydroponics

Enjoy improved root health and experience a bigger, better yield with our wide range of Fabric Pots.

We stock and supply the biggest names – including Square Fabric Pots from Garden Highpro, the always well-liked Grey Fabric Pots by Root Pouch and the popular Root Nurse Fabric Pots.