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Do plants grow better in fabric pots?

Compared to traditional plastic pots or clay pots, Fabric Pots do offer several advantages when it comes to plant growth.

The breathable nature of Fabric Pots means air can move in and out of the pot, providing better drainage and aeration of the roots - a key resource which is needed to enhance development. This enhanced air circulation facilitates gas exchange, optimises the absorption of nutrients and reduces the risk of root rot or disease.

In contrast, plastic pots create an environment where oxygen is only available to the top layer of soil, rather than the entire root mass.

As well as promoting healthier root systems, Fabric Pots can prevent waterlogged soil and help to regulate soil temperature, reducing the risk of overheating in hot weather.

Do fabric pots prevent root bound?

Roots will continue to grow until they reach the edges of a Fabric Pot, but they will not then circle the pot or become root-bound because the fabric promotes air pruning, which encourages the growth of lateral roots.

The fact that roots do not become overcrowded in a Fabric Pot usually results in the development of a denser and more efficient root system.

Plastic Pots vs Fabric Pots

When it comes to comparing Root Nurse Fabric Pots with traditional pots, the differences are clear.

Drainage capability

Traditional plastic pots have limited drainage capabilities. This can lead to waterlogged soil, which can suffocate roots and cause rot to form.

In contrast, Fabric Pots provide superior drainage and aeration due to their breathable fabric material, promoting healthy growth.

Prevent root circling

With traditional pots, roots tend to reach the edges of the pot and then circle around themselves before becoming root-bound.

With Fabric Pots, root circling is prevented because they naturally promote air pruning, resulting in a denser and more efficient root system.

Eco-friendly & reusable

When traditional plastic pots get old or crack, they end up in landfill as they are no longer useable.

Fabric Pots are super Eco-friendly. Not only are they made from recycled plastic bottles and natural fibres, they are very hard-wearing and reusable.

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