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Do hydroponic nutrients go bad?

Most big-name hydroponic nutrients do not have a ‘Best Before’ or expiration date on their label.

So… do hydroponic nutrients go bad?

In short, the answer’s no!

In this guide we’ll explain why – and reveal the reason you should NEVER throw them away.

Hydroponic nutrients are effective for ages!

When you’re home growing without soil, you need to add hydroponic nutrients to the water supply so your crop has food to feed on. Without it, your grow won’t flourish and thrive.

For big yields, we regularly recommend Growth Technology Nutrients, whilst GuanoKalong Nutrients are proven to deliver intense aromas and flavours.

But when buying nutrients in bulk (most are sold in 5L and 10L bottles), you might be left with loads standing around unused for weeks or months.

Beginners often wonder if hydroponic nutrients go bad. They also worry if they’ve wasted their money.

But there’s no need to fear...

Most of the high-quality and big-name nutrients will last for YEARS and won’t deteriorate in quality.

The fact there’s no expiry date is a good thing – it shows they’re robust and effective for ages.

Some growers we know have added Dutch Pro Nutrients and Aptus Nutrients that are almost 10 years old and they still work just as well as the first day they used them.

Always shake well for maximum impact

To ensure you get the most out of your hydroponic nutrients, it’s important to use them correctly.

Solids and precipitates can often form if the bottle has not been opened for a while.

At this point, people tend to throw their nutrients away because they think they’ve gone bad. They haven’t!

Simply put the lid back on and give the container a good thorough shake. This should be enough to dissolve them back into the mixture.

In most cases where plants are suffering from salt build up or nutrient burn, it’s because the application of the nutrients has gone wrong. Not old nutrients!

Exposing your pot plants to too many hydroponic nutrients is far more damaging than using old nutrients.

For advice about which nutrients are best for your grow, call 01926 511151 and chat to our friendly THC experts.