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Canna Flush removes excess nutrients from plants and grow media – and cleans substrates – so they don’t have a negative impact on your next grow.

Ideal for preventing over-fertilisation or malnutrition – Canna makes the final flush easier. It also won’t harm beneficial micro-organisms!

CANNA FLUSH 1 LITRE is available for purchase in increments of 1


What does Canna Flush do?

Enjoy the taste of your crop and not its stored nutrients by using Canna before harvest for a fresh, clean flavour. Suitable for all substrates, Canna Flush cleans without killing useful bacteria or beneficial fungi. One of the best and most-trusted names in hydroponics, Canna Flush can also be used to prevent and correct overfeeding at any time in the grow cycle.

How to use Canna Flush

To resolve over-fertilisation issues, use Canna Flush as soon as possible. For flushing plants prior to harvest, begin one or two weeks before. Always shake the bottle well and dilute. 

Soil and highly-absorbent mediums: Canna Flush recommended a dosage of 2ml per litre. Water with the solution until you experience run-off. Leave a 24-hour period before feeding with plain water until 10 to 20% run-off is achieved. Resume normal watering. 

Hydroponics and dry mediums: Canna Flush recommended a dosage of 4ml per litre. Add to a fresh, plain reservoir for the day’s last feed, aiming to achieve 10 to 20% run-off. The next day, refill the reservoir with fresh, clean water and resume normal schedule.

The Benefits of Canna Flush

  • Enjoy enhanced tastes and flavours
  • Remove excess nutrients from plants and media
  • Prevent and correct overfeeding issues
  • Rebalance nutrient profile
  • Won’t kill beneficial bacteria and microbes
  • Suitable for all grow media – soil, coco & hydroponics

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We operate a successful Click & Collect service - and deliver throughout the UK.

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