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House and Garden Bud XL nutrients is a blend of specialist additives designed to extract sugar from leaves and transport it to the fruits – so you enjoy sweeter aromas and an improved taste.

Packed full of carbohydrates, vitamin B, vitamin E and plant extracts, Bud XL is the ultimate in refined mid-to-late bloom stimulants. From vegetative growth and bud to the full flowering and bloom stage, Bud-XL promotes increased yields and extra weight without compromise.

BUD XL 5 LITRE is available for purchase in increments of 1


What does House & Garden Bud-XL do?

House & Garden Bud XL nutrients contain a variety of enzymes which encourage plants to transport sugars from their leaves to buds. This allows more sugar-fuelled energy to concentrate on fruit and flower production – increasing the size and sweetness of every

How to use House and Garden Bud XL nutrients

House & Garden Bud XL works best when added to your feed as soon as flowers start to show. Continue using right through to the beginning of the flush. Suitable for all growing methods and substrates, House & Garden recommended a dosage rate of 1ml per litre in the flowering stage. When used in an 8-week grow schedule, Bud XL should be used in weeks 4 to 8.

The Benefits of Bud XL nutrients

  • Transfer sugar reserves into fruits and flowers
  • Encourage flower production in bloom phase
  • Increases yield size and weight
  • Enjoy sweeter and cleaner taste
  • Top-quality Dutch bloom enhancer
  • Suited to all growing methods and substrates
  • Works well with entire House & Garden range

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