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Atami Bloombastic 325ml

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Atami Bloombastic 325ml

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Atami BloomBastic is a highly-concentrated flowering enhancer that delivers visible results within days! It’s a booster, accelerator, top hardener and quality improver.

Designed to increase essential oil production, stimulate flowering and ripening; Bloombastic produces outstanding blooms with added size and sweet aromas. Its carefully-crafted cocktail of organic minerals and stimulators never fails to boost sugar production – so you can enjoy top-quality yields every time.

Atami Bloombastic 325ml is available for purchase in increments of 1


What does Atami Bloombastic do?

Atami Bloombastic flowering booster uses a wide array of micro-nutrients to produce huge,heavy crops with enhanced quality.

For blooms bursting with essential oils, tap into the Bloombastic minerals, stimulants and
metabolic enhancers that deliver optimal amounts of extra phosphorous and potassium (PK).

With a PK ratio of 0-14-15, plants remain healthy, strong and far less sensitive to stress –
heat, light, pests and disease.

How to use Atami Bloombastic

Start using Atami Bloombastic when buds first appear, usually during the last 4 to 6 weeks of the bloom and ripening stage.

Mix your usual base nutrient solution, give it a good stir and add Atami Bloombastic. The manufacturer's recommended dilution rate is 0.5 to 1mls per litre. Adjust pH levels as necessary.

During the bloom stage, add Bloombastic every time you renew the reservoir. Flush beforebeginning to use Bloombastic in the final four to six weeks of the flowering phase through to the flush. Typically, you will begin to see results in the first 2 days.

It should not be used alongside other PK boosters as it may result in over-fertilisation.

NPK: 0 - 14 - 15.

The Benefits of Atami Bloombastic

  • An outstanding flower and ripening booster
  • Ideal phosphorous and potassium ratios
  • Makes flowering plants less sensitive
  • Increases essential oil production
  • Use alongside any base nutrient
  • Suitable for soil, coco, hydro & aeroponics
  • Excellent value-for-money low dosage rate

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