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Are Grow Tents Worth It?

You DON’T need a grow tent to start a home grow.

If you’re a novice or just getting started, you can use a cardboard box with aluminium foil lining and cut a few holes out for ventilation and air intake.

It’ll probably let a lot of light escape and it won’t be 100% efficient, but it WILL do the job.

However, if you’re not a DIY fan, buying a ready-made grow tent will make your life easier!

This guide is specifically for inexperienced growers who are considering a purchase, but need a bit of advice (and a few tips) before taking the plunge.

Are grow tents worth the expense?

In the UK, we’re not exactly blessed with the weather conditions needed to cultivate pot plants all year round.

But a good grow tent can deliver the consistent environment required to nurture seedlings and plants into luscious leaves. They can also prove the difference between a successful grow and wasting your time!

Okay, so buying a grow tent does require some initial investment, but it could SAVE you money in the long run. This is because it will help reduce the amount you spend on heating, lighting and nutrients.


Better light levels and cheaper running costs

Most grow tents use a reflective mylar interior coating to boost light levels – minimising input costs – so you save money on your bills.

Plants need light to give them life, and the more you can give (from every angle), the better they’ll grow.

With a completely controlled grow tent environment, you can set the exact light levels for each specific time of the day.

The fact you can run grow lights at night (when electricity is cheaper) and automate every aspect of your grow is another big tick in the box.


Easy to adjust and manage

When you use a grow tent for pot plants, you’ll enjoy complete control over your growing environment.

If you want to, it can be enhanced through the use of:

  • Grow Lights – LED, CFL and HID
  • Humidifiers
  • Air conditioners
  • Fans and Diffusers
  • Heaters

The fact the environment is a consistent temperature also means you’ll need to spend less on nutrients as the absorption of supplements is optimised and more efficient.

Minimise smells maximise privacy

You can make your own grow room with some black and white reflective sheeting, but it’s not exactly easy. And if you don’t enjoy DIY, you’ll probably need some help.

With a grow tent, you can put it up quickly (by yourself), keep it neat and conceal it easily. They’re also designed with an integrated air purification system to minimise the unwanted escape of giveaway odours.

Conclusion: Is a grow tent necessary?

Basically, grow tents allow you to create the ideal environment for cultivation and flowering in one simple space.

But if you can’t afford one, don’t be put off growing because of it. Get started, plant a few seeds and have some fun!

If space is not an issue, you might want to consider a grow room, but this will depend on your circumstances. Before going down this route, weigh up the effort that’ll be required and work out if you can commit enough time (and energy) to the project.

If you're new to growing and you do choose to use a grow tent, it’ll be quick and easy to make an adjustment to your ventilation. And your success will only be limited by your ability (which will improve), rather than the environment you’re working in.

If money’s an issue, be patient and save up. Cheap grow tents can sometimes fail to live up to expectations. In our experience, it’s usually wise to spend a bit more on a better-quality grow tent (with tougher zippers and fewer light leaks) rather waste money on one that’s not up to the task.


With the right grow tent, a bit of practice and some perseverance, you’ll soon be able to enjoy the sweet-smelling fruits of your labour – regardless of what the UK weather can throw at you!

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