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Aptus Startbooster is a 100% organic super concentrated formula that massively increases roots and growth.

Using Startbooster dramatically shortens the pre-growth phase, stimulating root hairs and improving the cellular development of stems.

During vegetative growth, its micro-life biomass conditions the soil and provides extra nutrition for visibly faster results.

Learn how to use Aptus Startbooster - read our helpful guide!

APTUS START BOOSTER 100ml is available for purchase in increments of 1


What does Aptus Startbooster do?

Startbooster nutrients contains specific biomass that protect a plant’s root system to produce growth-stimulating hormones.

Stems become twice as thick, stronger and able to cope with the demands of a bigger yield. Protect roots and enjoy explosive growth.

How to use Aptus Startbooster

Aptus Startbooster is ideal for the pre-growth stage and during the first week of bloom.

Cheap and easy to use, the concentrated formula can be used on its own or as an additive alongside NPK fertilizers.

Only add Startbooster after measuring EC levels. Mix 10ml per litre (1:100) and dip roots before planting.

If using a drip irrigation system, we recommend a regular System-Clean to prevent deposits building up in the tank.

The Benefits of Aptus Startbooster

  • Highly-effective concentrated formula
  • Contains specific biomass
  • Improves root hairs, system and cellular stem strength
  • Powerful active and 100% natural ingredients
  • Improves microlife and adds nutrition
  • Idea for shortening pre-growth phase
  • Enjoy more roots and bigger growth
  • Full of Humic, Amino and Fulvic acids

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