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Experience a lush and green grow full of vigour with House and Garden Amino Treatment – a powerful cell development nutrient designed to boost photosynthesis.

Amino Treatment combines amino acids and extra fine silicon to encourage rapid root development and improve the overall appearance of your grow.

Enjoy thicker stems, bigger leaves and a superb flowering stage.

AMINO TREATMENT 500ML is available for purchase in increments of 1


How does House and Garden Amino Treatment work?

Amino acids are the basic building blocks of plant tissue. By boosting these levels, Amino Treatment helps increase the amount of chlorophyll concentration within a plant, improving photosynthesis and boosting every aspect from root to tip.

Made from a combination of fine silicon and amino acids, House & Garden Amino Treatment is an exceptional booster – ideal for the vegetative and flowering stage.

The addition of organic mono-silicic acid prevents pest attacks by placing a protective layer over leaves and stems.

How to use House & Garden Amino Treatment

Mix your nutrient solution and adjust pH levels in the usual way, before adding Amino Treatment.

In our experience, the optimal House & Garden Amino Treatment recommended dosage is between 0.2ml to 1ml for every litre of nutrient solution.

We recommend using Amino Treatment every time you water until three weeks before harvest.

Suitable for use in any grow media or substrate, Amino Treatment is ideal for rooted cuttings and plants

House & Garden Amino Treatment NPK: 0.1-0-0.06

Use alongside other products from the House & Garden nutrients range for intense assistance from start to finish.

The Benefits of House & Garden Amino Treatment

  • THC is a proud Amino Treatment UK supplier
  • Enjoy bigger and better yields
  • Promote strong root development
  • Ideal for veg, flowering and fruiting
  • Enjoy faster and stronger growth
  • Increase resistance to pests and disease
  • Use in soil, coco and hydroponics
  • Help to maintain pH levels
  • Available in 250ml, 500ml and 1L sizes

Serving the Midlands, South East & UK

Based in Kenilworth near Coventry, our grow shop regularly fields enquiries from customers in the Midlands and South East of England.

We operate a successful Click & Collect service - and deliver throughout the UK.

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