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Ecothrive Charge soil conditioner is bursting with beneficial bacteria that deliver rapid growth, robust roots and a far bigger yield.

Made from the droppings of beetles, it is 100% organic and gets to work fast!

Ideal for growing in soil and coco, this premium grade poop is approved by the Soil Association for use in organic crops.

Packed full of beneficial microorganisms and natural plant growth catalysts like chitin, Ecothrive Charge will also improve resistance to disease and pests.

CHARGE 5 LITRE is available for purchase in increments of 1


How does Ecothrive Charge soil conditioner work?

Ecothrive Charge is an all-natural soil conditioner that boosts and prolongs fertility by injecting a balance of long-lasting nutrients into the potting mix.

By ‘charging’ the soil with slow-release macronutrients and chitin, a modified polysaccharide found in large concentrations in the cell walls of insects, plants are encouraged to grow and develop far quicker.

Basically, this is because their 'fight or flight' style response kicks in and makes root growth bigger and more effective. It also naturally elevates the plants’ built-it resistance to pests and disease.

Not only will you enjoy a healthy and fruitful grow, it will be packed full of flavour and vigour.

The Benefits of using Ecothrive Charge

  • THC is a proud Ecothrive Charge UK supplier
  • Packed with 450 million beneficial bacteria per gram
  • Improve root development and health
  • Increase resistance to pests and disease
  • Great slow-release source of macro nutrients
  • Enjoy explosive growth in soil and coco
  • Easy to use and fast results
  • Also available in 5 litre and 10 litre


How to use Ecothrive Charge soil conditioner

Ecothrive Charge is so easy to use. For best results, mix Charge soil conditioner into your potting mix before planting.

If your growing media has a low to medium nutritional content, such as Coco Coir or straight peat, mix it at a rate of around 1 to 2% of the volume (10ml to 20ml per litre).

If you use a heavily fertilised potting soil, mix it at a rate of 0.5 to 1% of the volume (5ml to 10ml per litre).


Potting Mix Base

Potting Soil/Potting Compost:

Cuttings / Seedlings / Low Feeding – Mix 5ml per Litre of Soil 

Established Plants / High Feeding – Mix 10ml per Litre of Soil

1L of Charge treats 100-200L of potting soil.

Coco Coir:

Cuttings / Seedlings / Low Feeding – Mix 10ml per Litre of Soil 

Established Plants / High Feeding – Mix 20ml per Litre of Soil

1L of Charge treats 50-100L of coco.

Suitable for use in all potting mixes including coco coir, peat and peat-free potting soils.

For best results mix thoroughly with the potting substrate before planting. Follow up with top dressings every four weeks.

Container Plants

Top Dressing:

Add 2-4ml per litre of potting mix – 1 x 20-40ml scoop per 10L pot

Immediately after applying a top dressing, water the pot well.  Repeat every four weeks or as the crop needs.

Watering in:

Add 10-20ml per litre of water

Stir thoroughly for one minute. Water the pot well until run-off occurs. Repeat every two to four weeks or as the crop needs.

Leave tap water to stand overnight before use or, alternately, use rain water or filtered de-chlorinated water.

Outdoor Use – Soil / Raised Beds

At planting or sowing:

Add 50-100g per M2 (2.5-5 x 60ml scoops)

Prepare the area for planting/sowing then lightly fork charge into the top 10cm (4 inches) of soil. Follow up by top dressing four to six weeks later.

Established crops:

Top dress 25-50g per M2 (1.25-2.5 x 60ml scoops)

Evenly sprinkle the measured amount around the base of the plant and water in well. Top dressings can be repeated every four weeks during active growth.

Foliar Application

Add 1-2g per litre of water (0.5-1 level teaspoon)

Stir thoroughly for one minute. Leave to stand for 15 minutes. Repeat once, then strain to remove sediment. Pour into a spray bottle and use with 24 hours. Leave tap water to stand overnight before use, alternately use rain water or filtered de-chlorinated water. Repeat applications every one to two weeks.

Highly recommended soil supplement

Compost Tea Supplement 

Add 1-2g per L of compost tea brewing water.

Add at the start of the brewing cycle with your usual compost and microbial stimulants.

Adding Charge to your aerated compost tea will increase the microbial biomass and diversity.

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