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Buddhas Tree Organicus 99% is a premium organic nutrient feed that delivers everything your crop needs – in the growth and bloom stage.

With its simple all-in-one formula, it’s easy to help plants increase their nutrient uptake so you enjoy a strong and healthy yield at harvest time.

Suitable for use with any media, Buddhas Tree Organicus makes organic growing easier for beginners and experienced hands.

BUDDHAS TREE ORGANICUS 5 LITRE is available for purchase in increments of 1


Made from certified organic materials, the Buddhas Tree Organicus 99 formula contains a small amount of citric acid (the only non-certified element) to improve and accelerate growth performance.

It also contains nitrogen derived from plant matter, phosphorous, potassium and vinasse, a by-product of refining sugar, to promote strong and luscious green growth.

How to use Buddhas Tree Organicus 99% nutrients

A typical Buddhas Tree Organicus dosage should be 2ml per litre for the vegetative stage.

For plants in the early to late flowering stage, use 3ml to 4ml per litre.

In the final few weeks before flushing, reduce the dosage to 2ml per litre.

Buddhas Tree Organicus 99% NPK: 4-3-2

The benefits of Buddhas Tree Organicus

  • Easy-to use formula - for every stage of growth and bloom
  • Help your grow improve its nutrients uptake
  • Enjoy superb results regardless of growing experience
  • Ideal for all grow media – coco, soil and hydroponic systems
  • Made from the finest organic raw materials
  • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans
  • Super clean end product
  • Easy to flush plants
  • Save money – also available in 1L size


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We operate a successful Click & Collect service - and deliver throughout the UK.

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