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Massively increase every area of your grow with the magic of Mr Danks’ Special Boost Secret – originally designed to help plants thrive in the desert.

This complex formula of amino acids and silanol makes your plants grow and bloom by injecting them with silicon. An amazing liquid additive that will strengthen stems and leaves, increase yield and allow you to enjoy better flavours and aromas.

MR DANKS SPECIAL BOOST SECRET 500ML is available for purchase in increments of 1


How does Mr Danks’ Special Boost Secret work?

Originally developed for the extreme heat environment of the Oman desert, Mr Danks’ Special Boost Secret utilises a patented formula to provide plants with a highly-available form of silicon.

Made from a secret blend of L-amino acids and silanol, the additive that’s known for strengthening stems and branches, Special Boost Secret is proven to invigorate plants at every growth stage.

Used in commercial hydroponic farms in the Middle East, Mr Danks feeds your root system from seedling right through to bloom and flush.

How to use Mr Danks Special Boost Secret

Shake the bottle before opening and before each use.

You may see some sedimentation inside the bottle, but this is perfectly normal.  

Add the recommended Special Boost Secret dosage to your base nutrients.

Cuttings and seedlings: 1ml to 2ml for every litre

Vegetative growth: 2ml to 3ml for every litre

Early flowering: 3ml for every litre

Flowering: 4ml for every litre

Mr Danks can be used with other hydroponic nutrients (add before or after) as it will not affect your pH levels.

Use with all grow media – soil, coco, aeroponic or hydroponic – and feed plants via the root system.

Tips and tricks for usage

Mr Danks will smell like a mixture of sweaty socks and off-milk, due to the natural decarboxylation of certain amino acids in the complex formula. Don’t worry, this is perfectly normal and beneficial for your grow.

Do not exceed the stated dose.

Only use half of the stated dosage if using water culture or bubble buckets.

Highly-recommended for use with aeroponic cloning machines.

The Benefits of Special Boost Secret

  • THC is a proud Mr Danks UK supplier
  • Turbo charge your grow’s size
  • Dramatically improves taste and aromas
  • Increases resistance to heat – ideal for summer
  • Enhances uptake of nutrients and CO2
  • Quickly deliver silicon to plants
  • Does not affect pH balance of nutrients
  • A superb all-round booster
  • Suitable for any grow media or system
  • Save money – also available in 500ml size
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