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Enjoy healthier and better-tasting crops time after time with HID grow lights – the hydroponic lighting source that delivers consistent results.

At THC, we stock and supply a full range of High Intensity Discharge grow lamps to suit every budget – from cheap grow lights with 150 watts to more powerful 315 watt grow lamp bulbs available in 3k and 4k colours.

Discover deluxe daylight vegetative growth lamps, High Pressure Sodium grow lights (HPS), Metal Halide (MH) and Ceramic Discharge Metal Halide (CDM) lamps from well-known hydro brands like Sunmaster, Osram, Adjustawings and Philips.

Available in blue, red and dual spectrums, partner with our essential hydroponic nutrients and turn your grow tent into the ultimate indoor gardening environment.

For in-depth advice about hydroponic lighting systems, call 01926 511151 or email our experts today!