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GENESIS FORMULA PRO-TECT GALLON (3.78l) - Genesis – Pro-Tect is a slightly modified version of SM-90 – a truly legendary product that covers a multitude of jobs all at once. It defends against root diseases like pythium while acting as a general root tonic that stimulates healthy root growth and development. Not only that, it also protects against spider mites and even functions as a wetting agent
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Genesis Pro-Tect is based on the legendary SM-90 formula – a product that’s loved by growers across the globe. It’s fully organic and biodegradable, derived from canola oil and coriander oil, and it works in a few different ways to benefit your plants. Its primary use is for protecting plants against spider mites and fungus gnats. Spraying regularly will ensure that these pests are never an issue, while also protecting against mould and leaf-spotting.

It even makes a highly effective root tonic that wards off root diseases like pythium. Any grower with experience of root disease will tell you just how damaging this can be to plant health and yield – in many cases, entire crops can be wasted. By using a product like Pro-Tect, you can ensure that this is never an issue. It’s always better to be safe rather than sorry, particularly in summer, when temperatures creep up attracting pathogens and lowering oxygen levels.

Pro-Tect also acts as a surfactant (otherwise known as a wetting agent). It has the effect of lowering surface tension which makes the formula more even more effective as a foliar feed, reducing the gathering of droplets and creating a much finer, more even spread across plant materials. This is also useful when administering as a root feed, improving the penetration and absorption rates substrates like soil and coco.

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