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Experience bigger stems and thicker leaves – thanks to the magic of Genesis Formula Liquid Sand. This impressive potassium silicate supplement increases photosynthesis to enhance plant development.

Free from sodium, Liquid Sand is a clean and soluble form of silicon that eradicates the build-up of salt and other harmful minerals to boost your plant’s immune system and enhance growth.

GENESIS FORMULA LIQUID SAND GALLON (3.78l) is available for purchase in increments of 1


How does Genesis Formula Liquid Sand work?

Liquid Sand’s unique formula contains a completely soluble and clean form of silicon, which is immobile and cannot re-translocate to never leaves from older growth and stems. As a result, the small doses of silicon it issues are able to ensure that new tissues grow healthy and strong.

The fact that Liquid Sand does not contain any undesirable components like sodium means that it can be added continuously throughout the grow cycle.

Use as part of a nutritional program, alongside other Genesis Formula nutrients, to improve quality, flavour and yield.

How to use Genesis Formula Liquid Sand

To activate the Liquid Sand, take the lid off and pour in boiling water until the bottle is almost two thirds full. Replace the lid and shake until it is fully mixed. Make sure there are no undissolved crystals at the bottom. Top the bottle up with boiling water and it’s ready to use.

For optimum results, employ alongside the other feeds from Genesis Formula for added stability and a bigger, better yield.

The Benefits of Genesis Formula Liquid Sand

  • Boost your grow’s immune system
  • Improves environmental stress resistance
  • Maximises leaf exposure to light
  • Increases plant and cell growth
  • Creates bigger and tougher plants
  • Gets rid of salt and mineral build-up
  • Suitable for any grow system - hydro, coco or soil
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