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Instantly dechlorinate tap water with Ecothrive Neutralise – the ultimate way to maximise the potential of grow media and nutrients.

Ideal for conditioning tap water or as pre-treatment for irrigation water and nutrients, Ecothrive Neutralise will ensure your grow can absorb all of the beneficial microbe additives available.

Just add a drop to each litre of feed and completely get rid of the harmful effects of chlorine and chloramine. A must for growers using organic additives or grow media!

ECOTHRIVE NEUTRALISE 250ML is available for purchase in increments of 1


How does Ecothrive Neutralise work?

All tap water in the UK contains chlorine and chloramine. Basically, these are disinfectants which are used to kill potentially harmful bacteria and make water safe to drink. Unfortunately, this can cause problems when using it to water plants.

Ecothrive Neutralise has been formulated to remove chlorine and chloramine, which can kill the active microbes plants need to enjoy the oxidation they need to thrive.

By removing all traces of chloride and chloramine, you’ll optimise the beneficial biology contained in your nutrients and allow your grow to flourish.

The main active ingredient in Ecothrive Neutralise is concentrated Vitamin C, a totally safe ingredient for both soil and plants. Don't hold your grow back, allow it to thrive with Neutralise!

How to Use Ecothrive Neutralise

Ecothrive Neutralise could not be easier to use –  just add one drop for every litre of water. Give it a good stir and you’re good to go.

Use one drop (1/20th of a ml) for each litre of water. To treat large volumes of nutrient solution, use 1ml for every 20 litres.

Always do this before adjusting pH levels. Once Ecothrive Neutralise is mixed and ready to go, you can add other additives or nutrients, such as Ecothrive Biosys or Charge.

The Benefits of Ecothrive Neutralise

  • THC is a proud Ecothrive Neutralise UK supplier
  • Instantly effective – eradicate chlorine and chloramine
  • Improves resistance to pests and disease
  • Enjoy increases in growth and quality
  • Concentrated formula – use just 1 drop per litre
  • Suitable for any grow media – soil, coco & hydro
  • Allow microbes to flourish
  • Ideal for organic gardeners
  • Also available in 250ml size
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