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Dutch Pro Explode is n staggering, super explosive bloom stimulator and booster.

Enjoy incredible flower production by tapping into its wealth of phosphorous and potassium (PK), vitamins, micronutrients, carbs and acids.

With the all-in-one Dutch Pro Explode booster, plants receive all the nutrients they need to experience a full bloom in the key flowering and fruiting phase.

DUTCHPRO EXPLODE 250 ML is available for purchase in increments of 1


What does Dutch Pro Explode do?

Dutch Pro Explode improves the photosynthetic process and hardens the tops of plants to increase their resistance to fungi and bacteria-related disease.

It contains a mixture of essential phosphorous & potassium (PK), micronutrients, carbs, vitamins and acids required to encourage increased flower production.

More essential aromatic oils, more flavour.

How to use Dutch Pro Explode

Dutch Pro Explode should be used as soon as plants show signs of flowers or fruiting.

Shake vigorously, mix your usual nutrient solution and dd Dutch Pro Explode. Stir well. Check the solution’s strength and adjust CF/EC/PPM levels until correct.

According to Dutch Pro, the suggested optimum pH level is 5.8 for hydro and between 5.8 to 6.5 in soil.

Dutch Pro Explode recommend a dosage of 100ml per 100L.

Bloom week 3 and 4: 0.5ml per Litre

Bloom week 5 and 6: 1ml per Litre

Bloom week 7 and 8: 1.5ml per Litre

Bloom week 9: Flush

Continue to apply until a week before the flushing stage. Use a syringe or beaker for accurate measurement.

The Benefits of Dutch Pro Explode

  • Improve weight and taste of fruits and flowers
  • No other boosters or additives needed
  • Formulated to work well with all hydroponic systems
  • Suitable for any grow media -  soil, hydro and coco.
  • Use alongside other Dutch Pro nutrients and additives
  • Targets specific plant parts to enhance nutrient transport
  • Increases sugar production in bloom phase


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